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Michael Smith-Welch

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Scratch 2.0

A link to web site for Scratch 2.0.

Scratch Ed

A great resource for teachers using Scratch.

Scratch 2.0 Offline Editor

A link to web site for Scratch 2.0.

CS Principles Dot Org Main Site

A link to the computer science principles AP course development page.

Data as Art Lesson

A sample lesson plan from the CS principles AP course that might work well with Scratch.

Design Blocks

A link to the software we used to make quick geometrical designs.  This might help your students focus on CS principles.


A link to the site for the Processing programming language, a great tool for programming and visual design.

"Exploring Computer Science Curriculum"

A link to a curriculum guide that uses Scratch to introduce computer science.

Scratch Overnight (12 Hours of Dots)

A link to the project that runs overnight, filling the screen with dots.

Scratch Rubric Draft

A PDF of the draft of the evaluation rubric for Scratch being developed by the ScratchEd folks.

Computer Science Kindergarten Style

A gentle introduction to computer science developed by some folks at Duke.


"The Gears of My Childhood"

A short essay written by Seymour Papert, former director of the MIT AI Lab (among other things).

"Sowing the Seeds for a
More Creative Society

An paper written by Mitchel Resnick, Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab.

"Hacker as Painter"

A short essay written by Paul Graham creative programming.