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This is a hyper-linked biography. A printer friendly, third person bio is HERE and a very basic CV is HERE.

In 1994 I received a FINE ARTS DEGREE IN SCULPTURE, with an interest in ARTISTS AND SOCIAL ACTION. This focus lead to a three year stint as a VISITING ARTIST in the New York City public school system.  After GRADUATE STUDIES IN EDUCATION I taught for six years at a MIDDLE SCHOOL in lower Manhattan.

After nine years of classroom teaching I took a graduate research position at the MIT MEDIA LAB.  There I worked with MITCHEL RESNICK and the LIFELONG KINDERGARTEN group from 2002 to 2005.  At MIT I helped develop new learning technologies and unique learning environments for people of all ages. To learn more take a look at my MATERIALS PAGE.

After the Media Lab, I held a variety of residencies in formal and informal settings, including the COOPER-HEWITT NATIONAL DESIGN MUSEUM, the DISCOVERY CHARTER SCHOOL, VISION EDUCATION AND MEDIA in New York City, the FEDERATION OF YOUTH GROUPS in Hong Kong, China and the HUGMYNDASMIDJAN collective in Reykjavik, Iceland.  To learn more about this work go to my COLLABORATIONS page.

In 2011 I was an educator-in-residence at the EXPLORATORIUM in San Francisco.  There I helped the TINKERING STUDIO develop a celebration of materiality. 2012 involved numerous international residencies: I developed and lead maker-based workshops in Istanbul, Turkey, an interactive music workshop in Arnhem, Netherlands, a series of physical computing workshops in Hong Kong and workshops introducing SCRATCH to teachers in Shanghai, China. 

Between 2013 and
2014 I was  the creative director for KID MUSEUM, a new emerging children's museum in Montgomery County, Maryland. During that time I was also a visiting teaching artist at the AMERICAN VISIONARY ART MUSEUM, in Baltimore, Maryland and collaborated with Matt Barinholtz of FUTUREMAKERS

Currently I am developing a new creative learning space with the MIT MEDIA LAB, the LEGO FOUNDATION, and TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY in Beijing, China.

When not collaborating with people around the world I can be found developing ideas in my TAKOMA PARK studio with my two daughters.