Designer of unique learning environments with a focus on "making" and iterative design;

Educator specializing in creative use of new technologies - focus on K-12 engineering education;

Builder of autonomous art constructions, specializing in electronics, computation and physics;

Consultant for international learning projects in formal and informal learning environments;

Six years of project, workshop, and exhibit development in science and art museums;

Three years of research experience in university and applied research centers;

Ten years of designing and leading workshops for educators on creative use of technology;

Nine years of classroom middle school teaching experience in New York City; and

Mentor at community-based learning centers in New York City, Boston and Washington, DC.


Blikwisseling - Eindhoven, Netherlands

Continuing a collaboration with young musicians, engineers, and artists in the Netherlands, developed a workshop about creative uses of computation and everyday materials using micro-controllers with graphical and text-based programming languages to invent artistic sensing systems for connecting the physical and digital worlds

Lifelong Learning Lab - Beijing, China

Working with a team from the MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten Group, the Lego Foundation and Tsinghua University in Beijing, China to create a hub for best practices in creative thinking and playful learning.

Tinkering Studio - San Francisco, California

Occasional short "residencies" helping the Tinkering Studio team develop public programming and new ideas around technology, tools, and playful learning.

KID Museum - Montgomery County, Maryland

First creative director of this emerging children's museum where I developed a "maker"-oriented protyping space in Bethesda, Maryland where I experimented with ideas for exhibitions and activities for the general public.

Various Locations, Maryland

Developed and lead an intensive seminar for gifted and talented teens called "Tomorrow's Toys" at Anne Arundel Community College.  This workshop introduced participants to a variety of tools for making and creating, with a focus on electronics, both analog and digital.

Physical Computing with Scratch - Shanghai, China

A continuation of the work I started last year in Shanghai when I introduced Scratch - a programming language for novices developed at the MIT Media Lab.  This time around I worked for over a week with a large group of educators on more advanced Scratch projects, most of which focused on sensing the physical environment.

Scratch Day at the MIT Media Lab
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ran a session on video sensing using the Scratch programming environment for visitors to the Media Lab's Scratch day event, an international day for learning and playing with Scratch.

Human-Computer Interaction Lab -
College Park, Maryland

Invited talk given to the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland.  This talk introduced my work as an artist and educator.

Scratch Symposium and Workshop - Shanghai, China

Keynote speaker at a symposium on creative learning at the Shanghai Science and Technology activity center.  Lead a workshop on creative uses of the Scratch programming environment for 80+ educators from around Shanghai.

Physical Computing Workshops- Hong Kong, China

Leader of three distinct workshops in Hong Kong for local teachers, families and youth workers at the Learning through Engineering, Art and Design (LEAD) Center  in Hong Kong.

Tinkering in Everyday Life - Hong Kong, China

Speaker to 400 youth-oriented social workers in Hong Kong on the pleasures of making things and the relationship between creativity and problem-solving.

Makerspaces: A Practical Guide for Libraries - Ocean City, Maryland

Co-presenter (with Matt Barinholtz) to the Council on State Libraries in the Northeast (COSLINE) on the ins and outs of establishing makerspaces within public libraries.  Talk included a small sewable electronics workshop, introduction to lasercutting, 3-D printing and other tools.

Music as Material - Arnhem, Netherlands

Co-workshop leader (with Eric Rosenbaum) for the Blkwisseling 2012 project at the ArtEZ Institute of Art.  The workshop was an introduction to DIY new musical interfaces, physical computing and the design of playful learning environments, culminating in an open-house mini-performance.

American Visionary Art Museum - Baltimore, Maryland

Visiting teaching artist designing a wide variety of creative workshops for the public, including experimental projects for the museums various "Big Idea" days and an intensive automata and artbotics workshop for high school students.

Bacesehir University Game Lab - Istanbul, Turkey

Lead consultant and artist-in-residence for a long-term, multi-part collaboration with Bahçesehir University to introduce creative uses of new media and technologies, iterative design and "maker" culture to children and educators in both formal and informal learning environments.

No Starch Press - San Francisco, California

Technical reviewer for "Super Scratch Programming Adventure, a kid-friendly guide to programming in the Scratch programming environment.

Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception -
San Francisco

Educator-in-residence working with other artists, scientists and educators at the Exploratorium's "Tinkering Studio", helping design and lead experiences that focus on the rich learning that occurs by combining "low tech" craft materials and "high tech" digital technologies.

National Endowment for the Arts - Washington, DC

Panelist for "Learning in the Arts" grant review process.

"Lets Innovate" Student Conference, MathScience Innovation Center - Richmond, Virginia

Keynote speaker and workshop leader at annual conference for students and educators.

Playful Invention Company - various locations

Education outreach developer, workshop leader and activity designer for company that designs and implements new, cutting edge technologies for creative learning.

Playful Invention and Exploration Network - various locations

Research collaborator and workshop developer on National Science Foundation grant, PIE Network: Promoting Science Inquiry and Engineering through Playful Invention and Exploration with New Digital Technologies. Developed new technologies and lead professional development workshops in numerous museum settings, such as the Exploratorium, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

LEAD: Learning through Engineering, Art, and Design - Hong Kong, China

Head consultant for a long-term, multi-part collaboration with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups to introduce creative uses of new media and technologies to children and educators in both formal and informal learning environments.

Hugmyndasmidjan: A Community-Based Learning Project - Reykjavik, Iceland

Collaboration with local artists and the Reykjavik Energy company to use new digital technologies with children to design and create their own interactive inventions and art.

Summer Design Institute at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum - New York City

Co-designer and leader of workshops with museum educators using new technologies for building and programming “art making machines” with interactive light and color.

MIT Media Laboratory - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Research assistant to Dr. Mitchel Resnick in the Lifelong Kindergarten group where responsibilities included developing original research and contributing to various group projects centered on designing and implementing new learning technologies.

MIT Media Laboratory - Cambridge, Massachusetts

LEGO fellow and direct liaison with the LEGO Corporation, principal sponsor of the MIT Media Lab and the Lifelong Kindergarten group.

LEGO Corporation - Billund, Denmark

Invited talk and discussion of my research along with a design collaboration with two LEGO Corporation design teams on potential products.

Media Lab Europe - Dublin, Ireland

Invited talk and critique of my Media Lab research with scientists developing new interactive technologies in Media Lab Europe's Everyday Learning group.

Digital Dialogues at the Haystack Mountain School for the Arts and Crafts - Deer Isle, Maine

Collaboration with technologists and artisans to explore the potential relationship between digital arts and craft materials.

Vision Education and Media - New York City and Stonington, Maine

Consultant for New York City-based firm that develops creative technology solutions for schools and after-school settings including co-leading a two-week summer workshop for teachers on robotics, computer science, and computer programming for novices.

Engineering Education at the Discovery Charter School - Newark, New Jersey

Artist-in-residence at an inner-city school helping to develop a rigorous engineering-based curriculum for middle school students.

Little Red Schoolhouse and Elisabeth Irwin High School - New York City

Head teacher within a small, progressive independent school with child-centered learning practices where I developed and implemented a unique computer science, engineering and media arts curriculum.

Learning through an Expanded Arts Program - New York City

Artist-in-residence in public school classrooms throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Primary activity involved working in the classroom with head teachers to develop and implement lesson plans in arts, math, and science.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences, Cambridge, MA, 2004.

Research Focus: Lifelong Kindergarten Group at Media Lab with Dr. Mitchel Resnick
Thesis: “Playing with Perspectives: Using Digital Video with Teenagers to Explore the Other’s Point of View”

Selected coursework: Technologies for Creative Learning, Programming as an Everyday Activity for Everyone, The Nature of Constructionist Learning, Autonomous Art, Experiences in Interactive Art

Bank Street College of Education - Course work in Early Adolescence and Science Education, New York, NY, 2000.

Research Focus: Early Adolescence and Creative Learning
Thesis: “Vygotsky into Papert, Papert into Vygotsky: Mentoring Constructionism”

Selected coursework: Science Education, Child Development, Qualitative Research for Educators, Anthropology of Education, Art Environments for Learning

Purchase College for the Arts - Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Visual Arts, Purchase, NY, 1994.

Research Focus: New Media Art with Professor Margot Lovejoy
Thesis: “Art as Social Action”

Selected coursework: Foundations of Drawing and Sculpture, Mixed-Media Installation, Printmaking with New Technologies, Contemporary Art Theory, History of Art and Architecture, Philosophy of Human Nature and Aesthetics