This is a sampling of materials I experiment and play with in my studio.

See my COLLABORATION page to learn more about the learning spaces where I share these materials with other learners of all ages.

You can also take a look at my CURRENT WORK.


Programming computers offers great opportunities for problem- solving, tinkering, and learning by making personally meaningful artifacts with computers. I develop learning experiences centered on Scratch. I also experiment with and show people how to work with bits of Processing.


I create physical computing workshops, circuit bending extravaganzas, and robotic installations. I enjoy seeing people build their own video game controllers, musical instrument interfaces, and a variety of devices for Measuring phenomena in the real world.


Shadow play, LEDs, the sun. Make light interactive, play with its properties, use narrative and non-narrative ideas with light and shadow, reflection and refraction.  My "Party with Light" has a Micro site.


In my studio I tinker with creative sound design, endless circuit bending, and create unique musical instruments.  I'm fascinated by the range of sound an electronic circuit can create and I often pair that with my guitar and the help of a piezo mic and some solenoids.  I also make music IN THE LLAB.


Whether using a motor or building things  that interact with physical forces, moving mechanisms provide large amounts of feedback for learning.  I've recently been playing with a WIDE RANGE OF MOTORS AND MERGING THEM with a variety of materials.


All materials give "feedback" of one sort or another. The kinds of spaces I like are material rich environments. HERE'S A POP-UP SPACE I worked on in Istanbul.  Tools that are part of the current DIY revolution are offering even better ways to interact with materials.