•Glow Doodle: Free software for using a web cam to draw with light and upload your images to the web.
•LED Throwies: Small lights distributed in unique sculptures and spaces around the party.
•Hikari no Hako: Japanese mylar light boxes that reflect light in interesting ways.
•PICO Cricket: Building kit used in "Shadow Boxing", allowing children to add movement, lights and sounds to the piece.
•Shadow Boxes: Playful Invention and Exploration Institute's novel display of artistic and kinetic light in shadow art.
•Electric Origami: More involved LED project that we wanted to include but didn't have time.
•Scratch: Free (and great) computer programming environment for novices.
•Mindfest: The original playfully inventive event that inspired my work as a designer of learning environments and this party.


•David Hawkins: A philosopher of science whose paper,"Messing About in Science," has greatly influenced my work as an educator.
•Maxine Greene: An extraordinary educator dedicated to the importance of art in learning.
•Mitchel Resnick: A mentor of mine, director of the Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. A recent article by him that introduces his ideas: "Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society"
•Seymour Papert: A guru of sorts really: His books, "Mindstorms," "The Children's Machine," and "The Connected Family," changed the way I think about children and learning. The foreword to his book "Mindstorms" is a great primer: "The Gears of My Childhood"
Also see a recent piece by Mitchel Resnick that is a beautiful appreciation of Seymour Papert: "Falling in Love with Seymour's Ideas"
•Eleanor Duckworth: A renowned professor of education at Harvard, her work has greatly influenced thinking about learning:
"The Having of Wonderful Ideas"
•Edith Ackerman: A most thoughtful practitioner in the design of learning spaces. A paper of hers that greatly influenced my life path:
"Perspective-Taking and Object Construction: Two Keys to Learning"


•The Learning Studio
•The Lifelong Kindergarten Group
•The Playful Invention and Exploration Institute
•MAKE Magazine, MAKE Blog, MAKER Shed, MAKER Faire