Many thanks to: Everyone - from the infants to the elders - who came to the event. It truly was a lifelong kindergarten.

Val Vass and Matt Conger for accepting my vision at the beginning of the summer, providing the best possible place for such a thing, and helping me see it through to the very end. And thanks to their great kids Nugget, Ella and Phil for their exuberance, interest and patience. My wife Dylan Conger for always always being there and lots of hugs, snuggles and kisses to Camille and Eji for being my inspiration.

Trine Bech and Beach Conger for childcare and pretty much everything else. Peter Welch and Margaret Cheney for great emotional support and tremendous financial support. Beth Danon, Mary Kehoe, Alberto Citarella and Nadya Bech-Conger, our in-town siblings.

Megan Humphrey for lots of help with set-up and clean-up. Rob and Kathy Landry for providing "Artemis." Nugget Lewis-Vass and Ella Lewis-Vass for decorating "Artemis." My oldest friend and sister Beth Danon for jumping in and leading the "Hakari no Hako" table. Terry for the last minute photo piece, which I never got to see in the rush of things. And all of the artists who contributed pieces of their own: Val, Matt, Eric, Rob, Megan, Steve, Chris, Terry and Greg.

Greg Danford for bringing his camera and taking on the responsibility for officially documenting everything. His piece "Capturing Light" was my favorite part of the party because it helps the party live on in this site.

The creative folks at Artitsts' Mediums and Creative Habitat for all of their help and expertise. Junktiques for always having the right something-or-other. Every artist should have one of these places in their neighborhood. Old Spokes Home for keeping me on the move. The folks at Re-Build and Re-Store of Resource Vermont for keeping these great places going. Every neighborhood should have one of these places. Period.

Eric Rosenbaum for sharing his incredible talents through his Glow Doodle project. Ryoko for introducing the "Hakari no Hako" project to the interwebs in time for the party. Mike Petrich, Karen Wilkinson, Luigi Anzivino, Ryan Jenkins, and everyone else at the Learning Studio and the Playful Invention Institute who have supported my art, inquiry and play over the years. They also gave me permission to use many of the pre-party images for the site. Thanks!

Fred Lane and Amy Werbel for swapping houses this summer. And thanks to city of Burlington, Vermont for another great summer. See you in December!

Thanks to all,